75,000 kits and counting

We are super proud of our little brand. Constantly striving to bring the best and most authentic alternative products to the market.

Born in 2012 we have stayed true to our principles that have carried us this far. We simply don't understand the inflated pricing of sports supporters products. They are inflated because they have your heart. It really is that simple. There is no justification for the cost of 'official' kits and year after year they continue to rise. Our products use our own trademarked and copyrighted alternative badge designs and every day we research the latest changes in colours, text styles and launches of brand new kits to see how close we can get.

In 2020 with some research time on our hands we made a significant stride forward in changing all of our kits to include the text and number style as close to the 'official' kits so you will notice that the England style shirts have our own designers version of the new numbering style for 2020/2021. We will continue to develop this and make changes where needed when these change.

So you can see hopefully that for us it is about continously developing rather than churning out kit after kit. We love that we can bring you a very cost effective solution for a very obvious problem. And hopefully you also appreciate that EVERY single kit starts it's life blank and we only produce the product when we get the order.